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about us


Union of the Importers and Exporters of Kurdistan Region /Iraq


General information:

Address: Sulaimaniya , Kaniaskan , Near Askakan  Square .

Phon.No. :  00964533205330

Mob.No. :  009647703646964

E.mail :



Web site:


v   Union of Importers and Exporters of Kurdistan Region Iraq / is an effective professional economic organization working on the progress, expansion and growth of import and export activity in Kurdistan region.


v   In 21, September2005 obtained the official approvals to open Sulaimaniyah branch.


v   In 11, November 2005 announced the formation of the union by a group of activists, those interested in economic aspects, and import and export specialists in Sulaimaniyah province   under the auspices of Kurdistan Region Government.


v   In 18 October 2007 officially obtained license from Kurdistan Region Government numbered 1904 as Union of Importers and Exporters of Kurdistan Region/Iraq.

v   In 24, March 2008recorded as an official organization at the Center Of Iraqi Cooperation /Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) section   .


v   In 10, September 2008 obtained the official approvals to open union branch in Erbil province.



v   In 3, May 2009 obtained the official approvals to open union branch in Duhok province.


v   From the beginning of its foundation until now collaborated and contributed in holding many exhibitions, conferences, concourses , and meetings by those delegations the union organized without interrupting inside and out side of the region specially in Europe , UK, USA, ( South East Asia ,Neighborhood , And Middle East ) countries.  


v   Continuously welcoming foreign delegations of ( businessmen , merchants , industrialists)  visiting Kurdistan region  and organizing many business and economic  concourses and meetings for them with union's members and those institutions  working in field of developing and progressing economic and business participation .  

Aim and Objective:

1-     Formulating a plan  and strong academic program by some stages to reach the main objectives , generally in three main stages :

A- Importing Goods Stage, to revitalize economic and commercial activity in this stage  we attempt to provide daily necessities of people related to their daily life, also those crude materials revitalize industrial activates.

B- Manufacturing Local Products, in this stage we attempt to progress and revival of crude materials and the machines which is the fundament in local manufacturing, in order to vary goods in Kurdistan region markets and maintain people's demands.

C- Exporting Goods To Out Side Of Kurdistan Region & Iraq, after the second stage of providing region market necessities, grow agricultural and industrial section to raise the production to a level more than regional market demands and exporting those excrescence products by a good quality to outside of the region and make it a competitor in foreign markets to be a source of a good proceeds to the region.


2-     Defending of the rights and Protecting Kurdistan region importers from market impediments and crises, especially from industrial production cheating.

3-     Cooperation & coordination with the ministries and organizations related to this union to reach their joint goals.

4-     Easements in its members business to attend in foreign countries exhibitions and commercial conferences to expand and raise their knowledge and notify the huge development in the world and contact with companies and concern parts.

5-     Encourage international capitalists to invest and perform business in Kurdistan Region.

6-     Boost to raise Kurdistan economic, revival of infrastructure, and increasing individual income. Strategies  

7-     Encourage businessmen to open strategic plants to manufacture locally.

8-     Looking after increasing local products to reach exporting level after providing local market demands.

9-     Looking after media in various field but specially discussing about effects of  importing and exporting on individuals life and raising life standards such as establishing website, magazine, and opening language courses and business trainings.

10-Cooperation with economical organizations inside and outside Kurdistan region.



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