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Baghdad: no agreement on independent Kurdish oil export

Baghdad: no agreement on independent Kurdish oil export


ERBIL, Kurdistan Region—Iraq’s oil ministry dismissed on Sunday reports that Baghdad had agreed to independent oil exports by the Kurdish government, saying its position had not changed.

“The ministry of oil confirms that there is no oral or written agreement (between Erbil and Baghdad) except the official statement of the council of ministers, which confirms that “Iraq’s oil is for all the Iraqi people,”” said the oil ministry in a statement.

Kurdish officials said last week that Erbil maintained the right to export its own oil in addition to giving the central government 550,000 bpd as part of an agreement signed between both governments.

“The position of the oil ministry and the Iraqi government is unchanged about the illegality of dealing with any oil outside of those numbers (agreed on),” said the statement.

The Iraqi oil ministry said that the “legality” of Kurdish oil exports had not been discussed and that it was not a part of the agreement.  

“The agreement deals with the budget and its law only,” it read.

“Bilateral meetings will continue to put the necessary mechanisms to solve all the obstacles to ensure a good relationship that depends on the constitution according to the basics of partnership and equality,” said the statement.



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